OH! My Last Holiday☆★☆

Posted: May 22, 2011 in Holiday, Via Email

YES ladies and gents! It will be my LAST HOLIDAY here in Kuala Lumpur before my next Holi Holiday at my hometown SANDAKAN, SABAH;)

My cousin should be MARRIED this 28/5/2011 but because of certain circumstances, he had to hold and postpone the date. Hope they’ll be fine;)

I really CAN’T WAIT TO COME HOME:* already got lotta plans when am home! Wanna eat all HOME-MADE COOKING BY MY MOM:), NASI KUNING, BAKSO, FRESH IKAN BAKAR AT PASAR SIM-SIM, SOTO:) YUMMY!

Also since it’ll be a SCHOOL HOLIDAY at that time, then i can enjoy the holi with my SIBLINGS:* because there’s no point on coming home and no one’s around. Not my kinda holi definition;).

Now, talking about HOLIDAY my boss already feel very upset because i’m taking a LONG break. But it’s not really that long. Only 2 WEEKS so, what’s the deal? Hehe she had to let me ENJOY my holiday babe:*.

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