UiTM dihatiku!~~^^

Posted: August 22, 2011 in All About Me, UiTM
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How are you guys? Well I’m fine here but as long as i know I’m Too tired even to smile! (But I DO SMILE!) hehehe

It’s been a very2 HECTIC week for me! Dengan Mesy. Tabung Amanah nya.. Dengan Pendaftaran Sebagai Pelajar e-PJJ di UiTM. hehehe

Let’s check what have i done that day!!

1. Beratur lebih kurang 500 Meter! Giler lenguh kaki! 2. Kena menunggu plak untuk ambil gambar untuk kad pelajar! 3. Sesi angkat ikrar untuk pelajar baru! 4. Yayayayayay!!~~ I'm now OFFICIALLY a UiTM student! ~~^^

And I OWE all this to my FAMILY!! Love you!!!!!!!

Tp lagu UiTM pun Best! hehe

dan yang rancak nie!!

video cr to NazrulAzrin.

Anyway I’m enjoying every bit of it!

and I LOVE How my looks doesn’t change at all from beginning to the end! hahahaha

Before and After Pic Pas seharian berada di UiTM!~~^^♥♥

Now I HOPE i can finish my degree as soon as i can! Fighting!!

p/s Song OF the day

video cr. cconed

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