I Know I’m In Heaven…

Posted: August 27, 2011 in Uncategorized

Okay! Mungkin agak BERLEBIHAN bila aQ ckp mcm 2, tp SERIOUSLY bila aQ blk KL ni dan dpt tgk TV giler la i feel like i’m in HEAVEN! I MIGHT can live without internet but not without TV! :-*

Dan hari ni aQ tlh cancelkan all my plan nak REBONDING, KE JALAN TAR, MASJID JAMEK or even PERGI BELI BAHAN2 NAK MASAK KARI AYAM pun kena CANCEL sbb nk tgk tv je. Haha MIGHT SOUND idiot BUT IT JUZ WHO I AM!

I’m Lovin’ It! 🙂

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