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g.o.d JJANG


Nan niga silheo jeosseo uri iman heeojyo

Dareun yeojaga saenggyeosseo neoboda huilssin joheun
Silmanghajineun ma na wonrae ireon nominikka
Jebal deoisang gwenchange hajima

Geurae iraeyahaesseo irayaman haesseo
Geojitmareul haesseo naega, naega gyeolgug neoreul ulligo marasseo
Hajiman naega iraeyaman nareul hyanghan neoui maeumeul
Modu jeongrihal su isseul georagu saenggaghan
Nae mameul nae gyeoljeongeul eojjeol su eobseumeul
Ireohge haji anheumyeon niga nal tteonaji anheul geosimeul
Algie neomunado jal algie su eobseo
Neol sogilge mianhae neol


Jalga (gajima), haengboghae (tteonajima)
Nareul ijeojwo itgo saragajwo (nareul itjima)
Naneun (gurae naneun), gwaenchana (apeujanha)
Nae geogjeongeun haji malgo tteonaga (jebal gajima)

Wae jakku nal ttarawa sildago haetjanha
Dareun yeojaga saenggyeotdago myeotbeon malhaetjanha
Neo jakku ireomyeon na ije jeongmal hwanaelgeoya
Jebal neodo dareun saram chaja

Wae jakku ireona wae jakku nal himdeulge
Niga jakku ireomyeon naega neol tteona bonaegiga himdeuljanhi
Naega eodiga jeohni ireohge maeil gosaengman sikkijanni
Geurigo neo jeongdomyeon hwilssin joheun namja
Eolmadeunji sagwil su ijjanni (silheo
Jeongsin charyeo baboya jeongsin charyeo
Dasi hanbeon malhajiman naneun ije niga jeongmal silheo
Nan niga silheo niga jeongmal



I’ve become to hate you, Let’s break up

I met another girl, much better than you
Don’t be so disappointed, I’m usually like this
So please don’t bother me anymore

Yeah, it’s like this, it had to be
I lied to you, eventually I made you cry
But I had to be like this after facing your true
I thought I could set things straight

My mind, my choices
Nothing could be done
If I didn’t do it this way
If you didn’t leave me
You know, more than anyone else
With no choice
I’ll deceive you
I’m sorry for I’ll make you cry


Farewell (Don’t Go), Be Happy (Don’t Leave)
Forget me, forget and move on (Don’t forget me)
I am (Yeah I am), I’m okay (It hurts)
Don’t worry about me and move on (Please don’t Leave)

Why do you keep following me, I told you I hated it
I told you many times I met another girl
If you continue to be like this then I’ll be angry
Please find someone else

Why are you like this, why do you make things difficult
If you continue to be like this, then it’s harder for me to let you go
What is it that you like about me, like this everyday
Doesn’t it just make you suffer?
And if it’s you, then a much better man
No matter what is easier to meet (No! No!)
Snap out of it stupid, please snap out of it
I’ll tell you one more time, that I really hate you
So please go back, please go
I hate you. I really hate you



Haha, I first listen to this song in Oh! My School when Hoyoung become a guest AND I heard YOSEOB (Beast) sang the chorus part, I really fell in love with this song. Then in MUSIC BANK 600th EPISODE SPECIAL, g.o.d sang this song themselves and I
TOTALLY FELL IN LOVE with this song again plus HOYOUNG’S KILLER SMILE hahaha enjoy;)

OH! My Last Holiday☆★☆

Posted: May 22, 2011 in Holiday, Via Email

YES ladies and gents! It will be my LAST HOLIDAY here in Kuala Lumpur before my next Holi Holiday at my hometown SANDAKAN, SABAH;)

My cousin should be MARRIED this 28/5/2011 but because of certain circumstances, he had to hold and postpone the date. Hope they’ll be fine;)

I really CAN’T WAIT TO COME HOME:* already got lotta plans when am home! Wanna eat all HOME-MADE COOKING BY MY MOM:), NASI KUNING, BAKSO, FRESH IKAN BAKAR AT PASAR SIM-SIM, SOTO:) YUMMY!

Also since it’ll be a SCHOOL HOLIDAY at that time, then i can enjoy the holi with my SIBLINGS:* because there’s no point on coming home and no one’s around. Not my kinda holi definition;).

Now, talking about HOLIDAY my boss already feel very upset because i’m taking a LONG break. But it’s not really that long. Only 2 WEEKS so, what’s the deal? Hehe she had to let me ENJOY my holiday babe:*.


Posted: May 19, 2011 in Via Email

Okay.. This is seriously FUNNY since I am trying ALL TYPE of order to PUBLISH my POST VIA EMAIL🙂 and HOPEFULLY I get it right:)